The Trip

From 30 March to 7 April, 2019

We set off leaving France from Nice
via Zurich and Nairobi to Dar es Salaam!
Happy morning… Returning to Africa!


Saying Good Bye to
the beautiful Swiss Alps!


Stopover in Nairobi… short break finally breathing African air again

Approaching Dar

Next morning, we felt
at home in Dar with Bright,
Aidan’s childhood friend

As we wanted to see most of the landscape
and life in Tanzania, we decided to skip
the domestic flight and to take the bus
to Iringa the following day.

A very early departure!

Here we are at Ubungo Central Bus Station
in Dar, from where approximately 300 buses leave every morning heading all over
the country and neighbouring countries.


And off we went for a scheduled 8 hour trip, which was reduced to 5 hours due
to the driver’s F1 skills!


On the road
In the bus: “Uncle Heinrich” already having been adopted
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