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The Story

I, Lucia fell in love with this continent since my first safari trip to Kenya, back in 1985, with my Dad and sister Anna.

My first job allowed me to spend 2 unforgettable years in Johannesburg, South Africa, 30 years ago. Finally, in 2015 I was able to show and share the beauty of this wonderful country to Heinrich, on a 3-week journey traveling all over the Rainbow Nation.

My “Africa bug” resurfaced and was immediately passed on to Heinrich.
Since then we travelled throughout Kenya and Tanzania.

During a safari in Selous, Tanzania, we became friends with Aidan, the Camp Manager there. When we left this paradise in tears, as we always do when returning from Africa, Aidan said: “Come back soon to Tanzania, come back to see what I am doing during my leave… Come to see me in Iringa”.

Iringa? Never heard of this place! We googled it, and found it geographically located in the mid-south of the country.

What was IODO, the name of the organisation printed on the card Aidan handed to us, as we were sitting in the jeep, en route to the airstrip for our return trip to Europe?
We checked the website, which entailed projects that greatly concern us, i.e. children, education and conservation!

Yes, IODO! What a great opportunity to put our love for Africa to good use, by becoming part of this organisation. Only a few months later we found ourselves back in Tanzania …

Let’s go and discover together!

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