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Is located 75 km and a 2-hour drive
west of Iringa, in a rural area
close to the Ruaha National Park.



Arriving at Kitisi Primary School, which has
5 teachers for 372 children, aged from 5 to 13 years of age.



IODO supports 20 of the most economically underprivileged kids at the Kitisi Primary School.
We were introduced to them in the headmasters’ office.

Heinrich had the idea of saying hello, shaking hands and asking each for their names, one by one.


This was a very
emotional moment for me...


Why are these lovely children in such an underprivileged situation? Our friend Aidan from IODO explained to us that the parents do not earn money, due to the fact that the entire family lives from agriculture as subsistence farming. This means they do not produce enough to sell any excess produce, which would give them an income.

Consequently, they cannot afford any expenses to be allocated to the basic needs for their children scholarship, such as school uniforms, shoes, educational material. Not even pencils, exercise books, or school bags.

We felt we had to do something immediately, although this should, of course, be accomplished on a regular basis…


The pupils sit five abreast at each desk, designed for two. What does this mean for each kid? Insufficient space for their exercise books, not being able to take notes or simply even to stretch their arms and bodies. Everyone can understand that these conditions are not acceptable. This prevents the kids from receiving an education in a decent manner, which all children around the world deserve.
We can help these kids by providing school uniforms, shoes, educational material including school bags, and of course, 60 urgently needed additional school desks.
Desks can be produced in nearby villages and their cost per unit is $ 35, including transportation to the school.


Watch an example of school bags, which they are currently using. We should be able to provide these children with appropriate backpacks, which would also facilitate their often long walking distances to reach school.

We also met the 5 teachers and found them very dedicated, professional and prepared to educate the children, despite the difficult circumstances in which they have to accomplish their extremely important tasks.


For example, they did not own a photocopy / printer machine, which obliged them to drive circa 30 minutes to the next village, if copies were needed to be distributed in classes. 
Just a small gesture from us to solve a huge logistic problem.

  Finally, we met 372 charming, polite, curious, laughing and happy children, with whom we were able to share joyful moments. We so much look forward to seeing them again soon!  


Located approximately 15-minutes drive from Kitisi, it has 1118 students and 45 teachers, for children from 12 to 16 years old.

The compulsory education system in Tanzania is based on Primary and Secondary schools. The main difference being that no school administrative fees apply to Primary schools, such as the Kitisi, whereas students are liable for the payment of school fees, in order to attend Secondary school.

For this reason, IODO supports 21 of the most underprivileged students of the Idodi Secondary School. The challenge consists of funding their annual school fees.

The pictures below do not show all the 21 students, due to their school time table at the time of our visit.


We were introduced to the students supported by IODO, by one of their teachers, Madam Eliza, who addressed them with both firm and caring words, on the importance of studying seriously, in order to successfully complete Secondary School.

We also had the chance of talking with them and asking a few questions…This allowed us to personally witness their respectful manners and their awareness of the opportunities that education can offer them for their future.

None of the families could afford to pay the annual school fees, of $ 300 per person, which had to be paid before Easter this year. Failing this, they would not have been allowed to continue their studies.

We saw the sadness in their eyes, knowing the risk of not being allowed to come back after the holiday. At that point it was clear to us that we urgently needed to help. We promised all of them that they will be able to finish the current scholar year.

A few weeks later, Idodi Secondary School administration sent us written confirmation, that all the 21 students were accepted back to classes, following our financial contribution. This has filled us with happiness and joy.




Our commitment is now to find regular funding allowing us to continue to support both the KITISI PRIMARY SCHOOL and IDODI SECONDARY SCHOOL students through IODO.

We invite you to join us!

Lucia & Heinrich

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